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Tea from London to be used for Tea Party reenactment



BOSTON ( -- For the first time since the Boston Tea Party, London's East India Company Tea will go into the Boston Harbor. 

For those who haven't taken U.S. History in a while, the East India Company Tea is the same tea that Bostonians tossed into the harbor 242 years ago. 

The tea is set to arrive at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum's Griffin's Wharf via a small boat Sunday. The crates full of loose, expired tea will be hoisted onto the brig Beaver by costumed Colonial interpreters. The crates will be lowered into the Beaver's cargo hold until the Boston Tea Party anniversary and reenactment Dec. 16. 

On the anniversary, the tea will be thrown into the harbor to commemorate the Boston Tea Party, one of the pivotal events of the American Revolution.