• $5K reward offered for info on suspicious devices found in Tyngsborough

    TYNGSBOROUGH, Mass. - Multiple suspicious devices were found strapped to National Grid power lines in Tyngsborough Thursday morning.
    Massachusetts State Police said the devices were found on Locust Avenue. State Police, the FBI, and ATF responded to the scene.
    FBI officials compared the devices found to pipe bombs and said they were homemade with some pre-planning. 
    The devices were eventually secured and not found to be explosive. Police said there was no apparent danger to the public.
    Police called the devices incendiary, but not explosive. Crews swept nearby areas to determine if there were any other suspicious devices nearby, but did not find anything. 
    When asked if the devices were a prank, the police chief said they didn't know as of Thursday afternoon, but "it's obviously very serious circumstances."
    The wires are an important link in the electric grid and supply power from Canada to New York, and the fact they could have burned is a cause of concern for New Hampshire.
    Massachusetts State Police are offering a $5,000 reward for anyone with more information on the devices that leads to an arrest. If you have any information, you are asked to call 1 (800) 682-9229.
    According to the FBI, the devices were rendered safe and the investigation will continue but "there is no evidence which ties this incident to terrorism."

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