• Suspect killed after Salisbury machete attack identified

    SALISBURY, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com/AP) - The Essex County District Attorney's office released the identity of a man who was killed after he allegedly threatened officers with a machete.

    Officials identify the suspect as Nicolas Foster, 29, of Salisbury. They say one of two victims found inside Foster's Cable Avenue home was his wife. Both victims remain in stable condition after suffering severe knife wounds.

    Police responded to Cable Avenue at about 1 p.m. Thursday on a report of a domestic incident in which a man reportedly attacked two people, a man and a woman, with a machete. The woman, who a family member says goes by Alice Zombie, was Foster's wife. Alice was in the home on Cable Avenue with another man when Foster returned home.

    "The husband went into a jealous rage," Alice's uncle Phil Hughes said. "From what I understand it was a friend visiting and apparently he got jealous and it all erupted."

    The DA said Foster stabbed Alice and the man several times.

    Officials say Foster was attempting to flee after the attack when he crashed his car into a police SUV and then got out of the car. FOX 25 obtained video from the scene, which showed the suspect approaching officers while wielding a machete. Police ordered him to drop the weapons and a stun gun was used at some point to subdue the suspect. It's unclear if that stun gun fire was successful or not. The suspect charged at the officers, and they shot and killed him.

    "Multiple attempts were made by the police on the scene to disarm the male, including the use of a Taser," District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett said.

    Witnesses say they heard several gun shots in the area and are shocked that this happened.

    "Oh it's disgusting, what is wrong with people, really? We just hope it's nobody we know actually 'cause we know a lot of people down here and I guess there was other people stabbed," one witness said.

    "Shocking, really shocking. It was a sad situation, it didn't have to happen," another witness, who recorded the incident on his cell phone, said. "The police did everything they could to try to diffuse the situation and this person was just out for, I think, he wanted the police to shoot him. That was my impression."

    The Essex District Attorney's Office and state police are investigating, as is standard procedure.

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