• Super Bowl prediction connects deceased Medford teen with family


    MEDFORD, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Medford teen not only predicted which two teams would make it to the Super Bowl, but also called the victor.

    That's impressive on its own, but 19-year-old Matt Cirelli tweeted that out in August and died this past December without ever seeing his forecast come to pass.
    "That was a little unusual for us because Matt would never bet against the Patriots but he did and he was just dead set on it", said Rachel Keen, a childhood friend.
    Matt's accurate prediction is exactly what his family and friends needed to get through this year's big game, one Matt loved so much.
    "Some of his friends said he probably had it fixed up in heaven or something," said his mother, Barbara Cirelli.
    She's been by her son's side since he was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma in December of 2011. He fought hard for two years before passing away two months ago.

    For Mrs. Cirelli, having the Seahawks win last night, as her son predicted, helped in her healing. She was at a family party along with Matt's cousin Jen Caruso who expressed what everyone was feeling when she said, "I couldn't believe it, it's like Matt's definitely here."
    Now they're concentrating on making Matt's legacy live on through bracelets depicting his nickname, Swirls, after his curly hair. They're part of mission called "Swirls Around the World" where people agree to bring the bracelet with them when they travel and leave it at their destination.

    A bracelet is on it's way to the Olympics in Sochi next week.

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