• Sunshine Thursday to be followed by overnight showers

    From FOX 25 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz
    Severe weather hit New England again Wednesday. One cell had rotation and prompted a tornado warning all the way to Worcester county. It did minor damage along the way with some trees and power lines knocked down in Gardner. There were many report of hail and some reports of a funnel cloud in western Mass. The storm never did produce a tornado, thankfully.
    I think we'll see more sun Thursday to fire up another round. The cold front, however, will be slow so the storms will likely be scattered again. That front will come through Friday. Showers along the front will continue Thursday night into Friday. I don't expect any sun now on Friday. The front may be so slow as to keep us in showers Saturday, especially in eastern Mass.
    Onward into the Memorial Day weekend and improvement may be slow. We'll still have the risk of showers on Sunday, though not as high. Monday still looks better. Cool air will be in place much of the weekend with highs around 60, though Monday may break 70.

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