• Study sheds surprising light on correlation between exercise, weight loss


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) A new study that evaluated the relationship between weight loss and exercise ended with some surprising results.

    The 13-week-long Danish study featured three groups of men in their 20s to 30s with similar health backgrounds who were considered overweight. The first group led a sedentary lifestyle throughout the study, the second group dieted and exercised for 30 minutes a day or until they burned 300 calories, and the third group dieted and exercised for 60 minutes a day or until they burned 600 calories.

    Group one saw no change in weight after 13 weeks. Group three lost an average of five pounds, but group two, who exercised for 50-percent less time, lost an average of seven pounds.

    Scientists tell the New York Times that the third group, which shed 20-percent less weight than expected, may have done worse than group two for a few reasons. Food journals kept by participants in group three suggest the men increased their caloric intake along with the increase in exercise. Scientists also suggest that the participants were eating more than they wrote in their journals.

    Group two also seemed to be more inspired than the other groups to stay active throughout the day by doing things such as take the stairs instead of the elevator.

    Scientists say the results would be difficult to relate to other demographics.

    To read more: New York Times

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