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Students save distressed squirrel with cup stuck on head


NEWBURYPORT, Mass. ( – Students saved a distressed squirrel who ended up with a paper cup stuck on his head Thursday in Newburyport.

A squirrel was running around Moseley Woods park with a paper cup over his head, the Eagle Tribune reported. He appeared disoriented and was crashing into everything in his path.

“The squirrel was running around but bumping into trees like a ball on a pinball machine,” Resident Ron Martino told the Eagle Tribune. “It couldn’t see — it kept colliding with whatever was out there.”

It is unknown what the critter was after, but we hope that whatever was in the cup was worth it.

According to Martino, a group of kids found a sweater at another park and threw it on the squirrel so they could life the cup off his head. The squirrel then ran away, uninjured.