• Student under investigation for 'school shooter' song posted online


    MILTON, Mass. - A middle school student in Milton is being investigated by police and the school after allegedly posting an audio recording online of a song he wrote about a school shooting.

    In a song that has since been deleted, a male refers to himself as “a school shooter” and specifically mentions Pierce Middle School.

    The song is expletive laced, but one lyric is “I’ll put a .45 in your back when I pull the trigger.”

    Pierce Middle School Principal Karen Spaulding sent a letter to parents saying that students are safe and an investigation is underway.

    “Please know that although there was a concerning audio clip published on social media[...] I can assure you that the safety of students was in no way compromised and the school continues to be safe,” she said.

    The school's response is as much of a concern for parents as the song is.

    “They could say the kid has been suspended or expelled or something’s happened, and they’re not doing that,” one parent said. “She’s not answering the questions I think a lot of people have.”

    The Superindent followed up saying: "Based upon the police investigation and own internal investigation and process, I can assure you that the safety of students was in no way compromised and the Pierce Middle School continues to be safe.” 

    Boston 25 News did reach out to the district to ask about the specific actions taken against the child. Administrators said they couldn’t answer because of student record privacy laws, but we were told the police department was involved in the investigation.

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