• Stoughton man stunned by Taser after resisting arrest


    A Stoughton man was tazed Thursday after he refused to stop for in his vehicle, then got out and charged at an officer, police said.

    An officer was responding to a crash on Cushing Street when he saw Boris Rabkin huffing from an aerosol can on Cushing Street, according to police. Rabkin allegedly fled from the scene after being asked to shut his vehicle off. The officer's pursuit with the suspect led back to his home on Columbia Road.

    Police said Rabkin charged at the officer, who was later joined by other local officers.  In an effort to restrain him, Rabkin was forced to "drive stunned" with a Taser gun by officers and was placed under arrest.

    Rabkin is charged with a number of felonies including resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and inhaling a toxic substance.  

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