• Store manager denies punishing clerk for giving homeless man coffee


    SALEM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Salem store manager is denying a 19-year-old clerk's allegations that she was in the process of losing her job because she gave a cup of coffee to a homeless man on a bitterly cold night.

    Ava Lins tells FOX 25 she was working at the 7-Eleven on Norman Street in Salem last week when a homeless man entered. She says the man told her he couldn't get a bed in a homeless shelter and he would be sleeping outside. The woman decided to give the man a small cup of coffee, which would normally cost just over $1.

    "He didn't have money and I knew that," Lins told FOX 25. "I just had compassion."

    Lins claims her manager entered as the man was leaving and began to yell at him, asking if he paid for his coffee. She told her manager the man did pay, but later told him the truth.

    The 19-year-old told FOX 25 her manager made her pay for the coffee. She claims she later found herself off the schedule and out of work. However, her manager, Romany Youssef, tells FOX 25 none of it is true.

    "No, no, no, no, no, that's not the story, that's not the story," Youssef told FOX 25's John Monahan.

    Youssef claims the coffee incident never took place. He says Lins asked for Sunday off and showed FOX 25 a schedule with her name on it.

    "No, I have not taken her off the schedule," Youssef said.

    The only problem is Lins said she isn't aware she is back on the schedule. Youssef again said the situation is just a mix up.

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