• 'Storage Wars' star claims Yuuup, the show is fake in lawsuit


    Dave "the mogul" Hester is slapping the network that made him famous with a lawsuit after making claims that the show "Storage Wars" is fake.

    USA Today reports that Hester, who is known for his trademark phrase "Yuuup!", alleges that he was booted off the show days after he complained  about show producers "salting the units" to A&E executives.

    Hester's lawsuit reportedly claims that the show has deceived the public by planting valuable items inside of storage units after having them appraised weeks in advance. He also claims that interviews are scripted and bidding is faked.

    "Storage Wars" follows the lives of thrift store owners and collectors who purchase auctioned storage units in hopes of finding merchandise to stock their shelves. The show, which first aired in 2010, mainly focuses on the unique finds inside the storage units.

    To read more: USA Today

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