• Stomach illness breaks out at Brown; 67 affected


    PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Brown University has reported a student outbreak of stomach illness to Rhode Island's health department and is seeking a possible cause.

    The university said Wednesday that 67 students have reported a gastrointestinal illness that generally comes on quickly and subsides in a day or two. A spokeswoman says 18 students went to the emergency room, with one being admitted. She said another 49 have called University Health Services or were seen there since Sunday.

    In an email to students, the health services director says the illness is consistent with a virus, possibly norovirus. Dr. Edward Wheeler says antibiotics aren't effective and most students are recovering with hydration treatment.

    Wheeler says tests are being conducted to find a cause.

    The university is taking steps to stem the illness' spread, including additional cleaning around campus.

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