• State Sen. Spilka seeking to repeal software tax


    BOSTON (AP) - Ashland state Sen. Karen Spilka is filing a bill to repeal the expansion of the Massachusetts sales tax to computer software design services.

    Spilka, who's also running in the state's special 5th Congressional District election, said that since the tax took effect July 31, the reaction of the technology industry shows the tax is harming the state's innovation economy.

    Spilka was among those who voted to override Gov. Deval Patrick's veto of a transportation financing bill that included the software tax.

    Opponents are pushing a 2014 ballot question that would repeal the tax.

    Legislative supporters of the tax say there are misconceptions about the measure, which they say is limited in scope.

    Senate Republican Leader Bruce Tarr said he's glad some of those who supported the tax are now realizing how destructive it is.

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