• State Rep. Winslow joins FOX 25 to discuss potential Senate run


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) Republican State Rep. Dan Winslow visited FOX 25 on Tuesday night to discuss his potential run in the special election for Senate. Winslow says he's 99-percent certain he'll run.

    Winslow, of Norfolk, says he's only had a day and a half of business time to put together a team and reach out to potential donors and activists.

    "I need to make sure that there's support in Massachusetts for a candidacy of a Massachusetts Republican," says Winslow. "Somebody who's socially moderate and fiscally conservative."

    Former Senator Scott Brown announced Friday that he will not run for the special election. If Winslow decides to run, he will need 10,000 signatures by Feb. 27. However, he's confident he will meet that deadline with room to spare.

    "This is a great opportunity to make a difference in Washington to break the grid lock and fix America," says Winslow.

    Some may know the congressman as the one who dumped Fluffernutter at the budget office. In mid-December, Winslow stacked 10 tubs of marshmallow fluff in pyramid form outside the office.

    "I was trying to make a point in that fluff," Winslow explains. "I was told by the budget office there is no fluff in the state budget, and in fact there is."

    Each tub included a note suggesting budget recommendations to cut excess "fluff" from state spending. He compares this fluff to many of the debt and financial concerns America faces now.

    Winslow expects to introduce himself to top Republican Party officials in Washington at the top of next week. So far, he's seen tremendous reaction by Massachusetts Republicans. Hundreds of people from across the state have reached out to Winslow through social media asking to volunteer and help out.

    "If we don't act now, if we don't start squeezing out savings, and creating efficiencies and addressing the issues, our children and our grandchildren are going to have the consequences of our inaction. We can't afford to wait anymore," says Winslow.

    Winslow said he has a proven record of bi-partisan problem solving, despite being called lackluster by the head of the Massachusetts Democratic Party, John Walsh.

    The Congressman was recently named Legislator of the Year by the Massachusetts Maritime Association for creating marine jobs, and he also modernized the definition of intellectual disability so children and young adults who didn't benefit from services could be helped. Winslow cosponsored the alimony reform bill as well as the anti-human trafficking bill, which all became law.

    FOX 25's Maria Stephanos gave Winslow one last chance to change his 99-percent certainty on running to 100-percent. Winslow wouldn't budge, but said when he's ready to make it certain, FOX 25 will be the first to know.

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