• State attorney's report: Todashev advanced on officer with 'javelin' style pole


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A new report clearing an FBI agent in the fatal shooting of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's friend shares a detailed narrative of the alleged events leading up to his death.

    Florida State Attorney Jeffrey Ashton says Mass. State Police joined an FBI special agent in Orlando in May 2013 to speak with Ibragim Todashev about a triple murder that happened in Waltham in 2011. Upon their arrival, they learned the 27-year-old Chechen was no longer willing to meet with them at a secure location, but would meet with them at his home.

    The state attorney says Todashev met the investigators in his parking lot and invited them into his home for the interview while one of his friends remained outside. Over the next four hours, investigators engaged in what they describe as a "cooperative, non-coercive" discussion with Todashev. During that discussion, they claim the 27-year-old admitted to some involvement in the triple homicide.

    One trooper involved in the interview told investigators probing the FBI agent's use of force that Todashev "made the comment" that it was "just gonna be a robbery."

    It was then suggested that Todashev put his statement in writing as one trooper stepped outside to notify prosecutors in Massachusetts of the development.

    As Todashev was writing, a Mass. State Police officer claims he noticed a change in his demeanor. The officer decided to remove a decorative sword on Todashev's wall and hide it behind a small shoe shelf.

    The investigators say a few moments later, while neither law enforcement official was watching, Todashev propelled the coffee table into the air, striking the FBI agent in the back of his head. While the agent was on the ground, Todashev began to run toward the kitchen. Investigators claim he could then be heard rustling through cabinets and drawers. Once the agent was able to get back on his feet, he drew his weapon and began shouting orders at Todashev.

    Officials claim the State Police officer drew, but then lowered his gun, assuming Todashev was merely attempting to flee the residence. Todashev then turned and began moving toward the officer carrying a long pole.

    The officer later clarified in statements, saying the pole was more in the style of a javelin that was pointed at him as if to impale rather than strike.

    Investigators say the FBI agent fired three to four shots at Todashev after he began to advance on the officer. The shots sent Todashev to the ground, but they claim he again tried to spring toward them. Three to four additional shots were then fired, which resulted in his death.

    Court documents previously stated Tsarnaev, the alleged mastermind of the Boston Marathon bombings, may have been involved in the slayings.

    The ACLU and Todashev's family want an independent review into what happened.

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