• Spreadsheet indicates Lanza plotted Newtown massacre for years


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – There's disturbing new evidence from the basement where Adam Lanza lived. Lanza, the gunman in the Newtown, Conn., shooting, reportedly had spreadsheets full of facts and details from other mass murders that he used to plan his own massacre.

    The horrifying spreadsheet gives law enforcement the indication the massacre had been planned for years. According to the New York Daily News, officials found a 7-foot long, 4-foot wide spreadsheet in their investigation of Lanza.
    The spreadsheet reportedly details names, body counts, and weapons from previous mass murders and even attempted killings.  It reportedly includes the make and model of the weapons that were used in those shootings and has around 500 names on the list.
    The spreadsheet was so large it required a special printer, in what investigators deemed extensive research into past mass murders that were typed out in 9-point font.

    The law enforcement official cited in the article says Lanza learned tactical maneuvers in the shooting from playing video games and Lanza reportedly targeted Sandy Hook Elementary School because there would be little resistance.

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