• Sportswriter killed in theater escaped mass shooting in Toronto


    A sports blogger who recently wrote of surviving a Toronto shooting was among those killed in the deadly rampage in suburban Denver, the woman's brother said Friday.
    Jessica Ghawi, who was also known as Jessica Redfield, was shot when a gunman barged into a crowded theater and began firing at spectators during the midnight showing of the Batman movie.
    Jordan Ghawi told The Associated Press his sister's death is a "complete and utter shock."

    "Well this could easily be the worst night of my life," wrote @JordanGhawi. "It appears that my sister has been fatally wounded in a mass shooting at a movie premiere in Denver, CO."
    He had been blogging and tweeting about what he knew about his sister's condition throughout the ordeal. He also appeared on the Today Show.
    Jordan Ghawi wrote on his website that a man who was with his sister at the theater, and who also was shot twice, told him Jessica Ghawi had been shot once, then again in the head.
    "It's time to celebrate her life and get her name and the names of the other victims out there" so that all of their lives can be celebrated as well, he said.
    Jessica Ghawi was a prolific social media user under the name Jessica Redfield.

    Ghawi's last Tweets detailed that she was at the theater.

    "Of course we're seeing Dark Knight," tweeted Ghawi.

    The tweet was part of an exchange with another user about the movie.

    "MOVIE DOESN'T START FOR 20 MINUTES," Ghawi wrote.

    Her final tweet asked the user if he was seeing the movie.

    Jessica Ghawi blogged about escaping another mass shooting last month in Toronto. Click here to read it.

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