• Space savers removed from Boston parking spots after back-to-back storms


    BOSTON - Nearly a week after the first storm, cleanup crews in Boston went around removing buckets, chairs, and other items that had been used to save parking spaces around the city.

    Jose Pena is one of the people responsible for cleaning up the streets, long after the allowed 48-hour use of space savers is over.

    Responding to complaints on the City’s 311 app, Jose heads out, takes a picture of the items, and hauls it off the junk pile at the city’s public works yard.

    Cones, carriages and even a refrigerator are some of the space savers picked up Thursday around the city that end up here in their final resting place.

    Many residents of Boston are on Jose’s side.

    “It’s about time it’s what 4 days after the storm now?” South Boston resident Katie said. “And we had some rain yesterday so it is time to move the space savers.”

    Even though most of the items used for space savers are of little or no value, some people think there’s a better way to do things.

    “I would say leave them on the sidewalk. There’s no need to take them.” Flanagan said.

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