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South End residents pleading for peace after uptick in gun violence



BOSTON - South End residents are pleading for peace after an uptick in gun violence.

Thursday night nearly one hundred people gathered with Boston Police officers to rally and march through the neighborhood to protest the rise in crime.

"I  don't want to see nobody die. I'm tired of the shootings," said Jenny Gray, who grew up in the area.

She's now raising her six year old daughter here, but said the threat to their safety is a daily concern.

That was echoed by Gray's daughter Anjeli, who told FOX25, "I'm scared of people shooting, actually."

Last week, police marked the city's 36th homicide of the year in South End, when Wellington Ruiz was fatally shot on Aguadilla Street.

Commissioner William Evans said residents have also reported more than a dozen incidents of shots fired in the last several months.

"I don't blame them for being alarmed," Commissioner Evans told FOX25. "No one should tolerate that."

Residents met Wednesday evening to discuss the violence, and shortly after the meeting, another man was shot on Massachusetts Avenue, the bullet grazing his lower back.

"We're in the area, but unfortunately, a lot of these kids are brazen and they don't care who's around," Commissioner Evans said.

Mayor Marty Walsh addressed residents during the rally and promised the city would add police patrols, liaisons for youth in the area, and more community resources.

"This is a great neighborhood and they're great people, and I don't think any shooting or any type of violence is gonna stop people from supporting and loving their community," Mayor Walsh said.