• South Boston woman injured after pavement marker smashed windshield


    WILMINGTON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A South Boston woman was injured when a pavement marker smashed into her windshield on Interstate 93 Friday morning.

    Arunima Chaudhary, 29, was driving on Route 93 North in Wilmington at about 9 a.m. when an older style raised pavement marker hit the windshield of her Audi, officials say. The broken glass hit her in the face and she was treated on scene.

    Bob Toussaint from A&S Towing said, "They're all over the highway and there is a lot of them."

    The older markers were a popular solution in the 1990s to help drivers delineate travel lanes during bad weather, but they are being phased out because snowplows can dislodge them and cause accidents like this one, officials say.

    "She was very lucky that the windshield stopped it from continuing going through the windshield," Toussaint said.

    The Department of Transportation released a statement Friday that read in-part, "In the late 2000s, our highway districts began a systematic removal of these markers from our roads. One of the reasons for the removal was that cold weather states had begun reporting these markers had a tendency to become dislodged during snow and ice operations. These older markers are being replaced across Massachusetts with a newer style recessed pavement marker (grooved pavement and a small plastic reflector). The raised markers along this section of I-93 are scheduled for removal this summer as part of a $16 million resurfacing and roadway improvements project in Wilmington and Woburn. More immediately, our district forces will visit this area to ensure there are no additional existing markers that have been loosened by plows, trucks, or any other condition."


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