• South Boston men win $2 million Powerball ticket


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Two South Boston men have more than a little extra cash to spend in the new year, after winning a $2 million Powerball ticket over the weekend.

    Longtime friends Edward Prakapas and Daniel McCarthy, both chose three numbers on their Powerball ticket, and were matched five of the six numbers with the winning numbers drawn on Saturday night.

    Prakapas is a retired Boston Public Works supervisor who has played Powerball twice a week, every week since 1985.

    Normally, matching five out of six numbers means a $1 million prize, but Prakapas and McCarthy spent an extra dollar on their ticket to use the Power Play feature, which doubled their winnings.

    "I seen the numbers, I look at my ticket. I'm looking up, back, I said oh my god I think I hit something big here," Prakapas said.

    The pair will take the money in a lump-sum payment of $1.4 million after taxes are taken out.

    The winning was well-deserved good news for Prakapas, who had a very difficult year. A health scare in September landed him in the ICU, and then, "October 25 I lost my daughter and that was hard to take. Ten days later, I lost a niece. And that was in November. And now December comes and I just had to put down my lifelong dog.""

    Prakapas calls winning the lottery a Godsend. Now he says he's able to get his wife Lorraine a house in Florida, and put away some money for the grandkids' college education. Prakapas has five of them...And has three surviving children of his own.

    McCarthy indicated that for now, their $700,000 is going to the bank for safe-keeping, but that he will also use the money to help out family and make investments.

    The ticket was purchased at Jimmy's Korner at 143 P St. in South Boston. The store will receive a $20,000 commission from the sale.

    Additionally Saturday evening, a $1 million winning ticket was purchased from The Common Crossing in Berkley, Mass., and two winning $100,000 MassCash tickets were sold, one in Somerville and one in Tewksbury.

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