• Source: Hernandez associate appears before grand jury in 2012 killings


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – A former associate of Aaron Hernandez appeared before a grand jury in connection with a 2012 double-murder in Boston's South End, a law enforcement source told FOX 25.

    John Alcorn, who goes by the name "Chicago," was linked to a .38-caliber handgun reportedly used in the 2012 killings of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu.

    The same law enforcement source told FOX 25 Alcorn appeared Thursday morning before a Suffolk County grand jury. It is unclear if he actually testified.

    Alcorn's lawyer Matthew D. Dyer of Bristol, Conn. told FOX 25's Ted Daniel that Alcorn came to Boston to answer a subpoena issued out of Suffolk County; however, he would not confirm or deny that his client was called before a grand jury. Dyer said Alcorn is cooperating and he looks forward to returning to Connecticut.

    "He's cooperating in the spirit of the law, everything he needs to do he's doing, so I can't tell you anymore about what he's doing or what's he's seeing, what he's done, or what he's going to do but we're cooperating," Dyer said.

    Alcorn has ties to Thaddeus Singleton III, the deceased husband of Tanya Singleton, a cousin of Hernandez, said Bristol Police Lt. Kevin Morrell.

    The .38-caliber gun was reportedly found in the trunk of a car driven by Hernandez's cousin after a crash in June. The woman told police that several football players, one named "Chicago," had left some of their belongings in her trunk, according to FOX Sports.

    Dyer said reports that Alcorn is connected to a weapon that may have been used in the 2012 Boston double murder are false.

    Investigators had also been searching for Alexander Bradley, of East Hartford, Conn., to testify before the grand jury.

    Law enforcement officials have had trouble finding Bradley since he filed a lawsuit claiming Hernandez shot him in the eye after a night out at a strip club in February. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

    Police began investigating Hernandez's possible involvement in the killings after he was arrested in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd, of Dorchester. Sources told FOX 25 that investigators believe Hernandez and the shooting victims, Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, were at the same Boston nightclub before the drive-by.

    Thaddeus Singleton III was killed in June when the car he was driving slammed into a country club building in Farmington, Conn. Police have ruled the death an accident.

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