Some BU students start petition to cancel Robin Thicke concert


BOSTON ( -- A group of Boston University students is protesting an upcoming concert by singer Robin Thicke at Agganis Arena.

More than 1,100 students have signed an online petition on that calls on university administrators to cancel the March 4 performance. A group called Humanists of Boston University created the petition.

Specifically, the students are taking issue with Thicke's hit song "Blurred Lines," which the group states "celebrates having sex with women against their will." The group also claims that Thicke's celebrity is due not only to "his hit songs, but also his misogyny."

In addition to calling for the cancellation of his performance, the group scheduled a protest to take place outside Agganis Arena on the evening of the concert, a few hours before the show is set to begin.

"There's even a vignette you can find online where rape victims write down things their rapists said to them before or during the act of rape and they are astonishingly similar to the lyrics used so we're certainly not the first people to talk about this, we are just one of many, many people who are very concerned about this song promoting rape culture," said President of Humanists of Boston University Patrick Johnson.

Boston University released a statement stating that officials did not schedule Thicke to come to the Arena, but that it is a stop on a larger tour the singer is making.

"Agganis Arena is one of 16 major venues across the U.S. and Canada for this particular tour. We have long-term relationships with the largest and most reputable promoters and agents in the country, who have safely and professionally produced dozens of shows at Agganis over the years showcasing a variety of artists and entertainers that appeal to diverse audiences," part of the statement read.

"We work hard to avoid censorship, bias or personal preferences and we respect differing views, but individuals may, or may not, choose to go to the concert."

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