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Snow comes as a disappointment to many who were expecting spring

by: Malini Basu Updated:


BEVERLY, Mass. - After several days in the past few weeks with temperatures above 60 degrees, a snowstorm is throwing a wrench in the spring enjoyment.

North Shore residents tell FOX25 they’re ready for what they hope is Old Man Winter’s last visit

“It's unbelievable we were not expecting it,” Brad Gebhardt said.

A parking been has been posted in Beverly, but residents say they have to see the snow to believe it.

“I just finished cleaning my deck because I saw that spring was coming, now it was going to be nice out and stuff,” Shirley MacCormack said.

Snow plow truck drivers all have the same story "here we go again"

“[My truck] was parked in the back for almost a month. This morning I bring it out, start it, check the battery, the anti-freeze, I check everything,” Inayat Rahman said.

While the plow drivers are getting ready to be hard at work, kids in Beverly are hoping for a three day weekend.