• Slain Wayland teen's best friend gives tear-filled testimony


    WAYLAND (MyFoxBoston.com) -- The best friend of slain Wayland teen Lauren Astley gave a tear-filled testimony in the murder trial of 20-year-old Nathaniel Fujita on Wednesday.

    An emotional Genevieve Flynn took the stand in Middlesex Superior Court to recall the last time she saw her best friend. The inseparable pair had just left a sleepover with their tight knit group of girlfriends.

    "Lauren was going to work, so, she drove me to my mom's house and dropped me off there," explained Flynn.

    The 18-year-old headed to work at the Natick Mall after dropping off Flynn on the morning of July 3, 2011. The teen's body was found in a marshy area just one day later.

    Flynn testified that she considered Fujita a friend while they attended Wayland High School together. They were a part of the same group of friends and they ran track together. Fujita dated Astley during nearly all of high school until she broke it off senior year.

    "Since they had had a relationship that was very on and off, when they did break up for the last time, there was a lot of emotions," Flynn recalled.

    Flynn also testified that she personally witnessed Astley become involved with other young men following the break-up.

    Prosecutors claim Fujita was angry that Astley broke up with him so he lured the teen to his home and encouraged her to park out of sight. They allege Fujita then strangled her, slashed her throat, and dumped her body in a marsh.

    Fujita's attorney, William Sullivan, claims Fujita was suffering a psychotic break and became increasingly detached from friends. During testimony on Wednesday, a mutual friend of Fujita and Astley described the teen as "happy" and "friendly" at a graduation party held in the days before Astley's murder.

    "With us he was very outgoing. We were all comfortable with each other," Ronald Bolivar explained. Fujita began to cry as Bolivar testified.

    Testimony is scheduled to continue on Thursday.

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