• Showers to work their way north through Tuesday morning


    Another cool day started the week. Tuesday, will be the same, but wetter.

    A front is hanging out offshore. There is a storm forming along it off the Carolinas that will be here Tuesday. It looks like it will stay mostly offshore, but part of southern New England will get quite wet. I expect showers to work their way northward through the morning.

    The day will be mostly cloudy and the east to northeast winds will keep cool, damp air flowing in. This will likely mean some drizzle for the area. The part of New England closest to the storm, southeastern Massachusetts, will be the wettest. Heavy rains will likely fall on Cape Cod and the islands Tuesday night. That storm will move past us by Wednesday morning.

    Wednesday will feature some sunshine and mild temperatures. The next front will arrive Wednesday night with a few showers. It will bring cooler air behind it. I expect the balance of the week to be pretty nice.

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