• Show on 'Jesus's Wife' papyrus delayed amid doubts


    BOSTON (AP) - The Smithsonian Channel has delayed the premiere of its documentary on a papyrus fragment that purports to show Jesus referring to his "wife" amid doubts about the fragment's authenticity.

    The documentary was scheduled to debut Sept. 30. But Tom Hayden, the channel's general manager, said it would be delayed "until the document undergoes additional tests."

    Research about the 4th century Coptic papyrus fragment was released last month by Harvard Divinity School professor Karen King at a conference in Rome. She said it didn't prove Jesus was married, only that some early Christians believed he was.

    Scholars immediately raised doubts about its authenticity and questioned its lack of known archaeological provenance.

    Hayden said their program will consider such doubts and the results of the pending tests. He said that will make for a "more complete story."

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