• Sheriff on joke: I didn't use the word 'assassinate' or 'kill'


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald is taking some heat over comments he made regarding President Barack Obama.

    The sheriff told a tale about the ghosts of former presidents visiting the White House. The joke went something like this:

    "George Washington appears and offers the President advice: ‘Never tell a lie.'"

    "Then Thomas Jefferson shows up with more advice: ‘Defend the Constitution."

    "The third ghost to visit the President is the ghost of Abraham Lincoln who tells the president to, ‘Go to the theater.'"

    Sheriff McDonald claims it was a simple joke he's heard many times before about presidents on both sides of the aisle, but says after he made the comment at the Republican St. Patrick's Day breakfast in Scituate, typically a place for political satire and jest, death threats from all around the United States started rolling into his office.
    "I think it's very difficult to seriously take from that joke that I meant to harm anybody," Sheriff McDonald said.

    Sheriff McDonald told FOX 25's Sharman Sacchetti he has received hundreds of phone calls and emails from people as far as the United Kingdom. People are accusing him of treason and want him removed from office.

    "I've heard it personally said about every president that's been in office while I have been of age, since Ronald Reagan. And apparently, there is no problem when someone on the left says it. When someone on the right says it, apparently there's a problem," the sheriff said.

    Sheriff McDonald admitted he is no comedian, but he does not think he deserves this. "A joke is a joke," he said. "And reasonable, intelligent people understand when a joke is a joke."

    For those who want to make political hay out of the joke, Sheriff McDonald's advice to them: "grow up."

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