• Seven people taken to the hospital after carbon monoxide exposure


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) Seven people were transported to the hospital on Wednesday night after being exposed to carbon monoxide.

    Six of the people, including two children, were residents of 14 Woolson Street in Mattapan. The other person transported was a worker. All, but one of the people were released from the hospital on Wednesday night.

    Work was being done on the three family building's heating system before the group fell ill.

    Fire officials say an exhaust pipe likely led to the high reading. They also say the triple decker's heating system is poorly ventilated and that there were no working carbon monoxide detectors in the residence. A resident tells FOX 25 there are carbon monoxide detectors in the building, however the residents only knew there was something wrong when they began feeling sick.

    The residence's heating system was turned off after the high readings. There were no high readings after it was shut off.

    The spokesperson also warns the public that with winter approaching, people need to be aware of carbon monoxide concerns.

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