• Sen. Warren responds to criticism over social security e-mail


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren is drawing criticism for an e-mail she sent to supporters Wednesday, claiming her brother, David, lives on just over $13,000 dollars a year in social security benefits. Warren herself is worth millions.

    In the e-mail, Sen. Warren says she was "shocked to hear" about President Barack Obama's plan to cut social security benefits through what's called a "cost of living adjustment," or CPI.

    "Today my brother lives on his social security. That's about $1,100 a month, $13,200 a year," the Mass. senior senator wrote.

    Just a few months ago, Sen. Warren bought a Washington, D.C. condo for nearly $750,000, in addition to her home in Cambridge, valued at $1.7 million.

    When FOX 25 political reporter Sharman Sacchetti asked the senator if it was true her brother doesn't live on much, she responded "yes."

    Sacchetti also asked why she doesn't help him.

    "I do help him. This is a question about how much," Sen. Warren responded. "He was worked for 40 years and paid into this system and that's all the money he has to live on. And there are literally millions of people around the country for whom that is the case."
    When pressed if he really is living on that money alone, since Warren admits helping him, she said, "Let's be clear about this. Not everyone has a sister who can help. This is about people who work all their lives  and all they've got at the end is their social security."
    Warren says she does not regret the wording of the e-mail.

    "Not at all. I told the truth," says the senator.

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