• Sen. Scott Brown discusses Sandy, women's issues in Fox 25 interview


    U.S. Sen. Scott Brown sat down with Fox 25's Shannon Mulaire for a live interview Friday morning.

    Among the topics was a discussion about the state's preparation for Sandy's potential arrival next week.

    Brown said he and his staff were closely monitoring the situation.

    "We sent letters to our energy producers, the people who had some trouble with the last storm," said Brown. "We had some history with the tornado in Worcester and the storm last Halloween. We want to make sure we are prepared."

    Brown also addressed the possibility that Sandy could affect Election Day.

    "Safety and security comes first," said Brown. "Then we'll try to adapt. I'm hopeful that won't happen."

    On Friday the Worcester Telegram and Gazette endorsed Brown. Mulaire asked him about the endorsement and recent polls that show him trailing challenger Elizabeth Warren.

    "I understand it was always going to be close," said Brown. "The only poll that matters is at 8:01 on Nov. 6 when people are done voting."

    When asked why he voted against the Lilly Ledbetter act and the paycheck fairness act, Brown said the bill wouldn't have been good for women.

    "It created too much red tape, too much regulation and it would have cost women jobs," said Brown. "It would have actually created a problem with flexibility for women in the workplace."

    On women's issues, Brown maintained his stance that his Elizabeth Warren was trying to scare women.

    "We have two different philosophies as to how we look to solve problems," said Brown.

    Brown said that there's a block of Senators that try to work with both sides to solve problems in the Senate. He contends Warren that if Warren wins the race, the Senate will lose one of those middle-men.

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