• Sen. candidate Warren explains Native American heritage claims in new ad


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is out with a new ad explaining her claims of Native American heritage.

    In the ad, the Harvard Law School professor explains she never benefitted from listing herself as a minority in legal directories.

    Warren has said she believes she is part Cherokee, but hasn't shown any documents to prove it.

    Faculty involved in her hiring has said it did not play a role, but Harvard did tout her as a minority hire.

    In his new ad, Senator Scott Brown is using her claims of Native American heritage against her. He goes negative and hits Warren hard on the issue.

    Brown has repeatedly called on Warren to release her personnel files from Harvard.

    In a statement, Brown's campaign manager accuses Warren of misleading voters, and says she won't release her files because they wouldn't support her story.

    On Monday evening, Warren appeared alongside Senator John Kerry at a fundraiser at the Cyclorama in Boston.

    Earlier in the day, Kerry endorsed Warren for Senate.

    FOX 25 tried to speak with Warren, but her campaign said her schedule was too tight, and she just did not have the time.

    FOX 25 caught up with Warren earlier in the day after a report surfaced about her legal background and where she is licensed to practice. She is not license to practice law in Massachusetts.

    When asked, Warren responded, "I haven't practiced any law since 2010 when I went down to do the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and I've been a member of the bar in Texas for all of my career, I'm a member of the Supreme Court Bar, and until a few weeks ago, the bar in New Jersey, so that's what I've done. I don't know more about those charges."

    Warren's campaign says she has never practiced law out of her office in Cambridge.

    As far as these ads go, it is new for this race. Both candidates have signed the "People's Pledge," an agreement meant to keep outside groups and political action committees from airing attack ads.

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