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Seattle police rescue man stuck in basketball hoop


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SEATTLE, Wash. ( --  Seattle police made a surprising discovery after May Day protests.

Officers found  shirtless man stuck in a basketball hoop. The man, who was carrying a hammer, managed to climb up the hoop at Cal Anderson Park.

The police department had to call in help from the fire department. Eventually two firefighters were able to climb up and cut down the net to free the man.
Seattle police are still deciding whether to charge the man for any wrong-doing.

Labor groups have long led demonstrations on May 1. In recent years, immigrant advocates joined rallies to call for more rights for those in the country illegally.

Hundreds of people attended marches and rallies in U.S. cities to demand more rights for workers and immigrants and an end to police brutality after several high-profile cases of black men who died after encounters with authorities.

In addition to Seattle, rallies were held in cities from California to New York.