• Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren wrap up campaign


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – Just like the presidential election, polls show our local Senate race is going to be a race to the finish line. Voter turnout will likely decide this important election.

    There are so many decisions to make along the exhausting campaign trail, but the easiest call for these candidates comes Tuesday morning when both go to vote. And when we finally close the book on this race, we will have spent close to $100 million to elect a senator in the Bay State in what has become the most expensive Senate race in the country. Senator Scott Brown will vote in his hometown of Wrentham.

    Monday night, Sen. Brown continued the final stretch of the campaign at a restaurant just a block from his house.

    This race has been heated, at times very personal, and polls show Brown has been in a virtual tie with the challenger Elizabeth Warren. The senator says he's never focused on the polls, just results.

    Warren will cast her vote in Cambridge Tuesday morning, wrapping up a long and contentious campaign. MOnday, Warren started her final push on FOX25, then headed to Framingham and Dorchester, where she appeared with Senator Ted Kennedy's sons. Warren finished up the night in West Roxbury, stressing to the crowd the importance of going to the polls.

    The seat belongs to the Commonwealth, but this race has gained national attention as the outcome could decide control of the U.S. Senate.

    Warren has shattered records for fundraising and nearly 60 percent of the donations to her campaign have come from out of state.

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