• Scituate bans bonfires on Fourth of July


    SCITUATE (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - A Scituate man is taking a stand in the name of bonfires after town officials voted to outlaw outdoor fires on July 3 and Independence Day.

    Robert Graci began collecting pallets for his Fourth of July bonfire long before town officials in Scituate voted unanimously in June to ban fires. That decision followed a March 8 fire in Humarock that destroyed four houses. Fire officials said the fire was caused by a kitchen radio.

    Graci told FOX 25 that the ban goes too far.  Last year, the town required a permit which he believes was a better solution to the issue.

    "When you ban something, you alienate everybody.  Americans don't like that, " said Graci.  "Give us some regulations to follow.  Be reasonable.  And we'll follow them."

    Instead of burning the pallets, Graci decided to paint them red, white and blue, and convert them into a fence that he posted along the road.

    Town officials announced on Monday that Graci will be able to keep his patriotic display of pallets.

    Massachusetts State Police from the Fire Marshal's office and police in Scituate will patrol the beaches July 3 and July 4 to enforce the ban.  According to the town's web site, any bonfire materials will be confiscated and wrongdoers will be fined.

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