• School bus monitor bullied by students


    A new viral video has a lot of people standing behind a New York school bus monitor brutally bullied by students.

    Karen Huff Klein is verbally attacked in the video by students from Athena Middle School in Greece, New York.

    The children hurled insult after insult at the grandmother, calling her a troll and fat, shouting out other obscenities as well.

    Karen Klein's daughter, Michelle, says her mother has worked in the school system for over 20 years as a bus driver. She says her mother wears a hearing aid and didn't hear a lot of the slurs that were launched her way.

    Michelle says her mom is considering pursuing criminal charges.

    The school district is investigating and Klein's daughter says they know who is involved. They say punishments will be handed down.

    Klein says she wants to return to her job, but on a different bus and wants a written apology from the kids.

    A website has been launched for donations for Karen: Karen's dream vacation

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