• Saugus mother outraged over school's handling of child's broken arm


    SAUGUS (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) A mother in Saugus was outraged to find their child's school failed to call 911 when she broke her arm on Tuesday.

    Ally D'Eon was playing on the jungle gym at Veterans Elementary School when she fell and broke her arm. The fourth-grader was brought to the school nurse and her mother was notified.

    Jen D'Eon says when she got to the school she found her daughter screaming with a group of people around her. She says they told her to bring Ally to the hospital.

    D'Eon says the emergency room doctor at Melrose-Wakefield Hospital told her that Ally had a very bad break and was in a lot of pain. Ally was transferred to Children's Hospital in Boston so the arm could be set.

    On Thursday, D'Eon voiced her anger over how her daughter's injury was handled to FOX 25.

    "We fill out paperwork first day of school, ‘What would you like to happen in case of an emergency?' Bring my child to the closest hospital. I filled that paperwork out," says D'eon.

     The school district's current policy calls for the school nurse or a trained member of the staff to administer first aid and arrange for hospitalization only in "extreme" cases.

    D'Eon hopes that in the wake of her daughter's injury, the school will re-evaluate their emergency policy.

    Ally missed a few days of school, but is expected to go back on Monday.

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