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Santa visits town after teacher tells kids he doesn't exist


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STONEHAM, Mass. - Santa paid a very special visit to a Massachusetts town that needed a little reminder of the magic of Christmas.

Earlier this week, FOX25 brought you the story about a substitute teacher at a Stoneham elementary school that told a classroom full of students that Santa Claus was not real.

Parents told FOX25 that many of the 26 children went home in tears after being told.

Once Santa heard about this, he decided to make a very special visit.

During a practice run with the reindeer before Christmas Eve, Santa’s sleigh flew over Stoneham, and he left a note and red ribbon to prove it.

The note read:

"Whenever you see a red ribbon, it means my sleigh passed by on our practice route before Christmas!

Never stop believing in me and the magic of Christmas.


Santa Claus"

As for the non-believing substitute teacher, Colonial Park Elementary's principal told FOX25 that she will no longer fill in as a substitute teacher at the school.