• Sandra Fluke to campaign with Elizabeth Warren


    BOSTON (AP) - Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is campaigning with Georgetown University law school student and women's advocate Sandra Fluke.

    Fluke's fight for insurance access to contraception drew attention earlier this year when Republicans denied her a chance to testify at a Congressional hearing on the issue. Talk show host Rush Limbaugh called her a "slut" when she spoke out, and he later apologized..

    Warren and Republican Sen. Scott Brown have been running competing campaign ads over who's better on women's issues.

    Warren's ad points to Brown's support of a proposed amendment that would have let employers deny coverage for birth control. Brown says the amendment would have protected Catholic employers. He has asserted his support for women's concerns.

    Fluke and Warren will attend a "Women for Warren" coffee Tuesday morning Somerville.

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