Salisbury man accused of fake medical examinations


NEWBURYPORT ((FOX 25 / — A Salisbury man has been charged with pretending to be a medical professional so he could recruit young women for invasive medical exams that he secretly videotaped, FOX 25 has confirmed.

Prosecutors also allege David E. Anderson, who has a home in Newtown, Conn., secretly videotaped nude adolescent female relatives.

Police say Anderson, 44, recruited women through Craigslist and offered money to be examined by medical students for research. Instead, Anderson conducted what he called preliminary examinations.

Authorities say Anderson may have fooled at least 20 women over several years and is being investigated in other states, including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York and Washington, for similar crimes alleged to have taken place.

On Nov. 9, Salisbury police contacted police in Newtown regarding a report from Kimberly Gavin-Anderson, David Anderson's estranged wife. She discovered nude images of four female juveniles taken from a downstairs bathroom at their Salisbury beach house, according to court documents. The victims were found to be relatives.

Gavin-Anderson and her sister, Sandy Macintyre, observed more videos of several young women "in various states of undress."

Salisbury police executed a warrant for Anderson's Newtown home and removed two laptops, a hard drive and a Ford pickup truck.

Authorities also found at least a dozen images of child porn, hundreds - possibly thousands - of images of erotica depicting young females in various degrees of undress, in addition, photographs of various women being given medical evaluations and internal examinations and they were unaware they were being videotaped.

Detectives found a black bag with medical equipment, questionnaires and pin cameras. They were able to track down a 30-year-old victim who said she was handed a flyer in New York City, thought the exam was legitimate and got paid $50.

Court documents revealed there was a history of domestic violence between Gavin-Anderson and David Anderson. The divorce filing was requested around Sept 2. The couple has a 13-year-old son.

Anderson was held on $500,000 bail at his arraignment Monday on charges of unlawfully recording a nude or partially nude person and possession of child pornography. His court-appointed attorney said bail was excessive and his client is not a flight risk.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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