• Rozalia Project cleans up the Charles River


    A very helpful new tool is being used to clean up the waters of Boston. Thanks to the Rozalia Project, a group who is trying to clean the oceans, rivers, and lakes of the world using awareness and technology.
    Wednesday, the group was cleaning the bottom of the Charles River in Boston. They use what's called a "video R.O.V." or remote-operated vehicle. The tool scans the sea bed and removes debris by using special lenses and a gripper.

    Rachel miller is the director of the group. She talked about the R.O.V. and how it can help and told us it can be used under ice and in up to 1,000 feet of water. It runs on electricity, so no fumes or pollution comes from it either.
    The Rozalia Group was at the courageous sailing center in Boston on Thursday to show off the R.O.V. and show what it collected at the bottom of Boston Harbor.

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