• Rockefeller descendant among 6 BC seniors accused of vandalism


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Six seniors at Boston College, including a descendant of the prominent Rockefeller family, are facing charges for their alleged involvement in the vandalism of a Brighton apartment that caused a dangerous gas leak.

    The students, four from New York, one from Rhode Island, and one from New Jersey, are accused of forcing their way into a Gerald Road apartment at about 11:30 p.m. on March 16. Once in the apartment, investigators say the group of men punched holes in the walls, urinated throughout the apartment, and threw eggs, milk, and other food.

    Investigators claim the group later focused their attention on the clothes dryer in the basement of the building. A gas line was ripped from the machine, which was located near a furnace. Police believe the group then fled the scene without warning residents as the building filled with gas.

    Damage from the incident is estimated to be $25,000.

    Police say one of the suspects, 21-year-old Arthur Pidoriano, admitted the group was responsible for the vandalism after a phone call placed to National Grid regarding the gas leak was traced back to his phone.

    All six men were charged with breaking and entering in the nighttime, as well as willful and malicious destruction of property over $250. They were released on personal recognizance after their arraignment Wednesday.

    One of the suspects, Christian Rockefeller, is the great-grandson of former Vice President and New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller.

    In a statement, an attorney told FOX 25 that "Christian is not guilty and we have witnesses to back that up."

    Rockefeller was arraigned on the same day a Rockefeller impostor, Christian Gerhartsreiter, was found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of a man whose bones were found buried beneath a California home. Gerhartsreiter went by many names, including Clark Rockefeller. He masqueraded as an heir to the fabled oil fortune for 20 years.

    The following men were arraigned in the alleged case of vandalism Wednesday:

    - Charles Howe, 21, of Pleasantville, New York

    - Timothy Orr, 21, of Briarcliff Manor, New York

    - Arthur Pidoriano, 21, of Courtland Manor, New York

    - Christian Rockefeller, 22, of Pleasantville, New York

    - David Rogers, 22, of Providence, Rhode Island

    - Matthew Tolkowsky, 22, of Morristown, New Jersey

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