• RI mom's blog convinces food company to stop using 'midget'


    CRANSTON, R.I. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Rhode Island mother channeled the power of blogging in her fight against a Minnesota food company and their use of the word  "midget" on a line of pickles.

    Chelley Martinka of Cranston is mother to 10-month-old Adelaide, or "Addie" for short. Addie was diagnosed with dwarfism when she was only a few weeks old.

    "After Addie was diagnosed, we were still in the hospital and I thought 'I need to get my emotions out about this,'" Chelley says.

    Chelley turned to her computer as a place to vent and find support from other mothers with her blog aisforadelaide.com.

    In Dec. 2012, Chelley's blog went viral after a trip to the grocery store. She noticed the label on some Cain pickles, "kosher dill midgets."

    "Midgets has been used to describe little people in an derogatory way, in a mocking way, in a bullying way," Chelley explains.

    The upset mother went to her blog and created a video aimed at getting the pickle company's attention.

    "I figured some nicely placed words and pictures could possibly speak volumes more than just a letter in a pile of mail," says Chelley.

    Chelley's logic was correct. Gedney Foods, which produces pickles and food lines by Del Monte and Cain, plans to change its labels and stop using the word "midget."

    The Cranston mother is one example of how mothers are using blogs to evoke change.

    According to digital marketing company, eMarketer, 3.9 million women who have children write blogs in the United States. The company predicts that number will jump to 4.4 million by 2014.

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