• RI middle school students get sick after eating drug-laced candy


    RICHMOND, R.I. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Rhode Island middle school student was rushed to the hospital recently after getting sick from eating what police are calling "Pot Candy." They're small, hard candies made of marijuana- an emerging trend on the illegal drug scene, especially among kids.
    "The danger is high because it's a candy substance it's much harder for teachers and staff to detect," said Richmond Police Chief, Elwood Johnson.
    Teachers at Chariho Middle School in Richmond didn't detect it until the student fell ill. That's when police got involved and tested the candy.

    They found it to be containing marijuana and traces of methanphetamines. And they found it not only being sold at the middle school. Two 14-year-olds at Chariho High School have also been placed under arrest for having Pot Candy along with prescription pills.
    "If it was me having that at my house they'd arrest me and take my kids away but it happens at school it seems like nobody does anything about it," said concerned parent Peter Reynolds.
    Police say the supply at the schools has practically vanished since the arrests leading them to believe they've got the dealers in custody.
    "We're on it and we're not gonna tolerate that kind of behavior in the school system or anywhere else," said Chief Johnson.
    Meantime, they encourage parents to use this incident as an opportunity to educate themselves and their kids about Pot Candy. Police say to be aware of unwrapped or re-wrapped candy that looks like a Jolly Rancher.

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