• Republican nomination appears to be Brown's for the taking


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – With all of the political movement in Massachusetts, a lot of people want to know if Scott Brown is in or out of the race for the Senate seat left vacant by John Kerry's appointment to secretary of state?   

    The word is that Brown is leading toward another run which would be his third Senate race since 2010; however, he is certainly laying low while pondering the decision.

    FOX 25's Ted Daniel reached out to Brown's former campaign spokesperson and was told that the former senator was not available. Daniel even went to the former senator's home in Wrentham and received no response.

    So what's the deal? Does the former Massachusetts Senator want another shot in Washington?

    In Brown's hometown, Jo Botaish, a former Brown campaign volunteer, hopes so.

    "I think he did a great job as our Senator. He represented us well, and I supported him before, and I would support him again," Botaish said.

    Brown shocked the nation when he won the 2010 special election for the seat left vacant by the passing of Ted Kennedy; however, he lost the seat to Democrat Elizabeth Warren in November. It was the most expensive race ever in the Commonwealth.

    If Brown wants in again, the Republican nomination appears to be his for the taking, even though some Republicans are no longer with him.

    "This last time he ran, he just kept running all second most bipartisan Senator in Washington. And he was reaching out to the Democrats and he really turned me off and a lot of people off," Matt Phillips, a Republican voter, told FOX 25.

    Longtime Republican political consultant Charlie Manning says there is no need for Brown to rush into the race. In Manning's eyes, Brown has already has the advantage.

    "I think he's still trying to decide if he wants to go through a third tough election," Manning said. "He's much better known than any of the Democrats who have come out, Markey or Congressman Lynch, so they are the ones that have to get out there and let voters know who they are. Folks in Massachusetts already know Scott Brown."

    Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin said he was told by Senate officials that Kerry will submit a letter of resignation Tuesday, effective Friday.

    Galvin said he's ready to immediately release nomination papers. Candidates will have four weeks to collect the 10,000 signatures needed to get on the ballot.

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