• Report: Officials look at furnace in fatal 9-alarm fire investigation


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A new report suggests investigators are looking at the furnace as a possible starting point for a 9-alarm Beacon Street fire that killed two firefighters and injured 13 others.

    The Boston Herald reports investigators are examining the furnace, the electrical system, and whether any smokers lived in the building.

    Union officials tell the newspaper the powerful fire may have burned straight through a fire hose carried into the building by Lt. Edward Walsh and firefighter Michael Kennedy, depriving them of water to fight the flames. Walsh and Kennedy died in the Wednesday afternoon fire in Boston's Back Bay.

    The property located at 298 Beacon Street is owned by the estate of Michael Callahan. Court records show upgrades to the building's fire alarm system late last year. Officials do not believe it was equipped with sprinklers and it was not required to have them.

    An investigation into the fire will be conducted by fire officials who did not respond to the blaze. A federal agency will also be conducting an investigation.

    Structural engineers visited the scene Friday to work with investigators and make recommendation son what needs to be done in various parts of the building so investigators can get inside.

    Police will remain at the scene until the investigation is completed. Then the property will be released to its owner, who will work with the city to determine the next steps.

    Officials tell FOX 25's Catherine Parrotta the investigation will likely take a week.

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