• Report: Lax RMV rules allow 'immediate threat drivers' back on the road


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A new report suggests the Registry of Motor Vehicles has allowed so-called "immediate threats" back on the road.

    A review by the Boston Herald claims "lax registry rules" have allowed drivers who were involved in fatal crashes back on the road.

    The newspaper claims that the RMV revoked more than 1,400 licenses in 2012 from drivers who were dubbed "immediate threats" by law enforcement. They say the registry does not keep track of how many of those drivers apply to get their licenses back or are cleared to drive again.

    The RMV told the newspaper it examines each "immediate threat driver" on a case-by-case basis and that they leave it up to a hearing officer to decide if they are cleared to drive.

    The Herald's review cites two cases in which drivers involved in fatal crashes were allowed to drive again. They also mention the case of an MBTA bus driver accused of playing "chicken" with another bus driver. Hazel Cannon's license was revoked in June 2011, but was reinstated three months later. Cannon is still listed as working as a bus driver.

    To read more: bostonherald.com

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