• Report identifies more issues at state drug lab


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) An outside review has uncovered more trouble at state drug labs.

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    The review of 17 labs inside Jamaica Plan's Hinton State Drug Laboratory found multiple oversight problems.

    A report by the Association of Public Health Laboratories states that the facility generally maintains good lab practices, but noted several so-called "threats."

    Some of the listed threats were that the lab had too many supervisors and too many layers of management as well as lack of communication between lower-level workers and upper management.

    The report also says that budget cuts had taken a toll on the quality management system at the lab.

    "Restoration of a full time quality assurance officer reporting directly to the laboratory director is needed," the report reads.

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    Chemist Annie Dookhan worked at a lab inside the Hinton State Drug Laboratory. She is accused of mishandling at least 90 evidence samples, possibly jeopardizing up to 34,000 drug cases.

    More than 200 defendants and convicts have already been released because their evidence was handled by Dookhan. The lab has since been shut down and the head of the Health Department has left his job.

    The interim director of the building says officials have take steps to implement changes since the report was issued.

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