• Report: Gun from Watertown shootout linked to Maine street gang

    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A new report claims the gun allegedly used by Tamerlan Tsarnaev during the Watertown shootout is linked to a street gang in Maine.

    According to the L.A. Times, a 9mm Ruger pistol recovered at the scene of the April 2013 shootout, which investigators allege was used to murder MIT Police Officer Sean Collier, is offering new insights into the Boston Marathon bombings and holds warnings of other potential dangers.

    Tsarnaev threw the gun at police before he was killed. When it was recovered, the serial number was filed down, but police were able to recover it through forensic testing. The weapon was traced back to a gun store in Scarborough, Maine where it was purchased in November 2011 by a man named Danny Sun, Jr. Sun told police he gave it to a man well known by Maine police who goes by the street name "Icy."

    Icy is a gang leader in Portland, home to a trio of violent gangs. He was charged with drug dealing last May. Both Sun and Icy are currently in jail. According to court records, federal wiretaps of his jailhouse phone calls show he has also warned others not to talk.

    Authorities reportedly believe Tsarnaev's ties to the illicit drug trade in Maine not only helped fund a trip to Russia, but may have also helped pay for materials used to build the two bombs that exploded at the Marathon finish line.

    Tsarnaev has previously been linked to a series of drug-related crimes, including an unsolved triple murder in Waltham.

    It's unclear at this point if authorities can use the information about the gun to help solve that or any other case.

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