• Report: Father of slain Chechen man to sue FBI in son's death


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – The father of a Chechen man killed by the FBI in May says he plans to sue the agency for the wrongful death.
    Ibragim Todashev was killed during an FBI interrogation in Florida earlier this year. Todashev reportedly knew one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects. During questioning, he was shot and killed. It's unclear exactly what led up to the shooting and the FBI has released no details from that night.
    Time magazine's website reported the 27-year-old's father arrived in Florida Monday night, armed with photographs he plans to use as evidence to sue the FBI. The photos were allegedly taken by friends in Florida who prepared Todashev for burial. His father claims the pictures show his son was shot seven times, two times in the head.
    The FBI has opened an internal investigation and has blocked Todashev's autopsy report until the investigation is complete.

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